Friday, April 20, 2012

Satin Stitch

Satin stitch was Week 14 for TAST.  I am giving my TAST catchup rather out of order - why? -basically because I am a fairly disorganised person and these photos were the easiest to find.

This design is stitched on either end of a table runner  - the fabric is Lugano, the thread #8 DMC perle cotton - one of my favourite threads.   Lugano is not - I much prefer 100 % linen, however I had this fabric in my stash.  The design is part of a design from a recent Rakam - the marvellous Italian magazine.  It includes a hardanger square above the motif which I decided not to use.  I did find following the chart quite difficult - however that did not surprise me.
The doubled inch hem is in antique hem stitch - another  of my favourite things.  I was reasonably happy with the end result and can't wait to work my own design for the next one.  However that is on the back burner as much of my time is currently taken up with a Creative Embroidcry course from the NSW guild - however that is a story for another time.

Totally knotted!

Although I did add a few knots after the TAST stitch for the week was announced, this knot picture has been quite some time in hte making.  It was begun on a day when there was a need for colour in my life.  I love monochromatic colour schemes - especially white and cream but eventually I find the need to branch out into some wild colour work - I think I was working on , what seemed at the time, to be an interminable foursided hem on a cream table square.  The problem was what to stitch.  I thought I might be able to translate a picture using little knots.  I have intended to follow up knot pictures ever since I finished the knot garden I stitched from instructions in a book a few years ago.

I used a single strand of DMC floss and some 2/20 weaving yarn which is fortunately of much the same weight.

While I have not contributed any work with stem or satin stitch - I do have photos to add soon.  we spent some time at the beach recently hence the tardiness.